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Working with an attorney can be helpful for SSD claims

The complexities of an SSD application can be overwhelming and an experienced attorney can help with the process and reduce your stress.

Social Security disability (SSD) is one of the most essential of all government programs for its recipients. This is because these individuals, for a variety of reasons relating to medical conditions or diseases, are unable to remain in the workforce and therefore, unable to earn income. SSD provides beneficiary payments for these individuals that often allows them to continue buying groceries, gas, and still be able to pay their rent

The need is great, as many in the baby boom generation age have become injured or disabled from years of hard work or have developed serious ailments, such as heart disease, cancer or emphysema. Nor will their needs be met by other programs, as there are few state services in Arkansas that can make-up for these benefits.

To help disabled workers obtain benefits from the program, the agency has worked to make more processes available online or with telephone assistance, but for many, their issues are too complex and they may be uncomfortable working with a computer. Many may need the assistance only a face-to-face meeting can provide.

Disability applications are often complex

Applications for disability benefits can be a source of frustration and confusion for many applicants. They have suffered a medical calamity, been injured, developed a chronic illness and been left unable to continue working.

However, what may be obvious to them must be proven to SSA via documented medical evidence. The information and medical documentation needed may go back a period of years, which adds to the complexity and few people have experience dealing with a process like this.

While those with the most severe conditions, such as advanced lung cancer or a severe case of heart disease may be eligible to receive benefits within a few months after applying, via the Compassionate Allowance program. If their condition is less clear, such as back or spinal problems that cause pain and make it impossible to stand or walk for long periods of time, their claim could be denied the first time.

If that happens, they may need to file an appeal and join the many applicants that are also waiting for a hearing with an administrative law judge.

Help from an attorney

Many people turn to an attorney for help with the application. If they have had their claim denied after they applied on their own, an attorney can be helpful to assist with the appeal.

An experienced disability attorney understands the procedures SSA uses and what they are looking for on an application. They can help you with your application process and communicate with the agency, to help you avoid unnecessary delays and to receive your disability benefits as quickly as possible.