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For Referring Attorneys

The Bartels Sherman & Wallace is a Leading Social Security Disability Law Firm

The Bartels Sherman & Wallace is one of the dominant Social Security Disability law firms in the country. Our firm has one of the largest Social Security Disability practices in the region, if not the United States.

Our firm has received the highest marks from attorney and law firm evaluation companies. You can feel confident in our ability, experience, and ethics when you refer Social Security Disability clients to us.

Skilled and Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys

Our Senior Attorney, Anthony Bartels, who retains a membership in the Association of Trial Lawyers of America as well as the Arkansas Trail Lawyers Association, handles Social Security Disability cases throughout the country.

Recently, he has been joined in his efforts by Greg Wallace, L.L.M., and S.J.D., who regularly appears in federal appeals cases. We encourage our clients to carefully review our attorneys’ biographical information provided on the attorney list page of this web site.

Our Attorneys Have a Track Record to Be Proud of

Our track record at each level of the Social Security Disability benefits litigation process is one of notable success. At the state hearing level we are successful in 60-80% of our cases. At the federal district court level we have a success rate of 50% or higher. And, in the 8th circuit, we have a 40% rate of success. In fact, we are one of the few law firms that will handle every level of appeal.

Many of Our Cases are Referred to Us by Other Attorneys

Because of our excellent reputation and our winning record, many of our Social Security Disability cases are referred by other attorneys. Through years of experience, we have become familiar with the many reasons, both legal and practical, that compel attorneys to refer such cases. We are willing to either take over the case completely or work with you as associates on the case.

If you have a Social Security Disability case you would like to refer, or if you would prefer to associate with us on a case, we welcome the opportunity to convince you that we are a law firm you can trust to represent your clients. Contact us for further information and assistance.